the accident at virgin galactic

from the information > I have here > 
on the space ship two catastrophe >
there seem to be two causes 

to having been leading up to this desaster !

first the fuselage should not be able to be flipping up
just from the aero dynamic force itself ....

this has to be happening at a very slow > 
at a controlled rate !

along with the right aileron control ....

especially at this relatively .... low altitude 
and high speed >>> this being the second cause > 

it doesnt need to be done at this height it all
but should be done in space already > 

right after the maximum ballistic height reached
because then there is the least danger 
of over stressing the structure ....

the flying configuration > is needed only > 
right > after departing the carrier plane
to control the going up phase 

and then > to land after the shuttlecock phase from 
100km down to around 10km ....

but to test the apposite > is simply insane .......

as is the whole concept > not ideal .....
becauce the fuselage should not be movable it all
since you can fashion a high T tail 
like on a boing 727 ....

going right from the main cabin structure up !

where then no two moving contraptions are needed
to provide both control of the flying 
and the controlled falling mode !

because this one structure is going up and to the rear at 45° 
we will be having clear air on falling
with the T aileron pointing up !

and no need for two moving sticks  
because the permanent angled up structure 
is clearing the rocket exaust as well  !

so there is no need for a twin tail !

all in all we will then be having no more drag
and all the control on both modes ...

with only the T aileron on the very top moving !
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