as long as ….

those in power > are not convinced >
that being an insane pest > will not bring this world any future

because this present environment is selecting only the insane enough
to go along with the masses of insanity

meaning …. as long as the masses of insanity are insane
they will be putting their insane representatives in power !

meaning only … if those masses of insanity are realizing
that there insanity are our very end

would there be a constellation > to save this planet !
from the masses of insanity ….

since > those are being the problem >
the selection of the fittest > for the masses of insanity !
their leaders are just a symtom of …….

so … we need to have all those billions to realize >

that we need a responsible human order every where on the planet >
not this spoiling pest ……

and this being …. im possible >
because all those are the certified opposite of !

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