we have no ecological problem on this world !

but a pest
a migratory locust swarm like ….
they can indulge in their evil doings should … must …

and no one can deter them >
because they have no understanding
no higher intelligence
no character>

but because of this disaster around them >
having lost their mind their human dignity!
because they can not confront this mass of insanity >
but to win in their delusion …. the world cup !
meanwhile ….. they lose their own world ….

so we need a proper …. a humane environment

but this is impossible to achieve >
since there are no homo sapiens > to achieve this with
so this being > the famous vicious circle >

soon …. to end this world ….
and today bringing the end to each human !



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the accident at virgin galactic

from the information > I have here > 
on the space ship two catastrophe >
there seem to be two causes 

to having been leading up to this desaster !

first the fuselage should not be able to be flipping up
just from the aero dynamic force itself ....

this has to be happening at a very slow > 
at a controlled rate !

along with the right aileron control ....

especially at this relatively .... low altitude 
and high speed >>> this being the second cause > 

it doesnt need to be done at this height it all
but should be done in space already > 

right after the maximum ballistic height reached
because then there is the least danger 
of over stressing the structure ....

the flying configuration > is needed only > 
right > after departing the carrier plane
to control the going up phase 

and then > to land after the shuttlecock phase from 
100km down to around 10km ....

but to test the apposite > is simply insane .......

as is the whole concept > not ideal .....
becauce the fuselage should not be movable it all
since you can fashion a high T tail 
like on a boing 727 ....

going right from the main cabin structure up !

where then no two moving contraptions are needed
to provide both control of the flying 
and the controlled falling mode !

because this one structure is going up and to the rear at 45° 
we will be having clear air on falling
with the T aileron pointing up !

and no need for two moving sticks  
because the permanent angled up structure 
is clearing the rocket exaust as well  !

so there is no need for a twin tail !

all in all we will then be having no more drag
and all the control on both modes ...

with only the T aileron on the very top moving !

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united …. to savor power ruling !

therefore … there can be no real discusion ….
or there will arise a public truth !
and this must be avoided at all …. cost >
because this for all to see reality>

an > insult <
to the ability of each …. and every power ruler ….

and with offended power ruling holders>
no earth can be destroyed ….. no homo sapiens !

so the power ruling has to be incited to max !
for an endless delight to the mass delusionals ….

so this pack of power rulers >
slave away … to destroying their own and every future!

otherwise … this will not be possible


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for the problems of this world ….

there are no personal …. no local solutions
no national solutions ! …. no continental …

but only a global solution !
where human rights are reality every where !
and responsible for the future binding …. for all

so > no where the world to be broken !

should there be a single country that is commiting
environmental crimes

then this country> like any other criminal
will have a benefit …. the righteous a disadvantage!

since this criminal state is wasting the > resouces then
enslaving to this end … citizens …. is flipping the climate

then the world will be broken by this country
with the disadvantage of all …..


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no one …..

taking care of the responsibility as a citizen
and homo sapiens ….

because any discusion would bring it to day light …

that all is just about perpetuating
the mass of power play !

to get out of this > position being invaluable >
savoring their own despots ruling !

this mockery of  basic human rights  ….
it can only be had >

if all the ” legal scholars ” >
in reality > are legalizors of this mass despot regime !

since they where trained> being raised to their mighty position …..
by just this !

there while the population of this insanity ….
is  talking about being a humanity !


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it is not … that all these

as 70 year ago … 400 … 2000 ….
not want to live in dignity!

but one insane competing > with the other insane >
in this mass insanity

because this is their task to > ensure they are chosen from the masses !

and only those who …. are competing with this aspiration >
world destructive > people destroying ….

can help in putting an end to this world !
because any responsible are excluded from the mass of insanity …..

because the mass insanity  agree in >>>
that all of its world danger ……

be glorified!


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all the power is emanating from the masses of insanity !

homo sapiens?

all are united in …..

speaking of sustainability and environmental protection ….
but squandering all resources needed for a future!

that it would be soooo humane
to having millions of predators … state-licensed>
to be threatening every human being !

only interested in creating useless  work every where !
meanwhile talking of freedom ….

so there can be  no wisdom !
since continualy destroyed!

since every one …. wants to be a dictator …..


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intelligent geo thermal ventilation

consumes 1 watt of power
for a whole house to have always fresh air in
and always keep it warm enough !

or cool in the summer !

So you can go for months > without a drop of heating oil in the winter !
month of heat with out all these kw of power for the air conditioning !

So we can save 100% of this waste of …….
100% reduction of co ² production!

and use your waste water > to make bio gas
to a heat water … cook and ……….


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as long as ….

those in power > are not convinced >
that being an insane pest > will not bring this world any future

because this present environment is selecting only the insane enough
to go along with the masses of insanity

meaning …. as long as the masses of insanity are insane
they will be putting their insane representatives in power !

meaning only … if those masses of insanity are realizing
that there insanity are our very end

would there be a constellation > to save this planet !
from the masses of insanity ….

since > those are being the problem >
the selection of the fittest > for the masses of insanity !
their leaders are just a symtom of …….

so … we need to have all those billions to realize >

that we need a responsible human order every where on the planet >
not this spoiling pest ……

and this being …. im possible >
because all those are the certified opposite of !

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disposals from nucleur power stations

are a resource ! …. not a problem !
we can use …. to produce ever more power !
till the end > to non radiating > lead ….

we just have to watch out > not to build them >
where there are seismic waves
or earth quakes ….

to ilustrate the principle >
think of the power generation of those inter galactic space craft
they use just the heat from the radiation it self > no chain reaction
so we build a big container for all that ” dangerous ” nuclear refuse
let the heat from it …. heat up water > make steam from it ……..

and have electric power for a 1000 years !


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